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Here's How You Can Make Your Own

“Cymatic Voicebox”

And Create Beautiful Cymatics Images
Using Your Voice, Pure Frequencies,
Or Your Favorite Music...

Best Of All, This Cymatic Voicebox Requires ZERO Knowledge Of Wiring, Electronics, Or Acoustics To Build!

Build Your Own Cymatic Voicebox In Under 60 Minutes With These Step-By-Step, Easy Video And Printable Instructions

Saturday February 16, 2013

From: Jodina, Editor of the Journal Of Cymatics

Re: DIY VIDEO COURSE for how to make your own cymatic voicebox!

Dear Friend,

Did you know that you can make beautiful, complex cymatic designs WITHOUT having to know a single thing about electronics, wiring, or acoustics (including frequencies)?

I discovered this one day when I really wanted to create a way to create cymatics patterns electronically without having to take speakers apart and wire them back together, fool around with water and electricity or buy a bunch of expensive equipment (that may or may not work). If you’ve spent any time trying to create an electronic setup to make cymatics images, you probably know what I’m talking about.

Here’s the best part...

You Can Make Your First Cymatic Images On
The Cymatic Voicebox Using Your Computer,
Your Voice...OR An Instrument!

The best part about building this cymatic voicebox is that when you are finished, you have no limits on what type of sound you can use to make the cymatic can experiment as much as you like, just by switching out what “Input” you are using to play the sounds into the box, you can...

Instantly see what cymatics look like with:

  1. your voice
  2. keyboards
  3. an electric quitar
  4. frequencies
  5. your favorite music
  6. pure tones
  7. and anything you can “plug in”

All you need are your computer, mic, or other input, and it works perfectly!

As a side note: if you would like to film your cymatics images on your voicebox, to upload videos or photos to youtube, facebook or your blog, I’ll throw in (as a bonus) a peek at my filming setup so you can see exactly how I do my own video recording in my studio. Here’s an example...


(Remember you can also play frequencies, instruments or music with your box)...

Loading video, please wait...

Your Complete Cymatic Voicebox
Instructions Will Include:

  1. Step-by-step, hands-on “how to” videos show you exactly how to build it
  1. As list of all materials you’ll need to get started
  2. How and where to order your “membrane material” (includes website links)
  3. Diagram instructions for how to build a simple wooden box
  4. How to test your voicebox sound quality
  5. Printable PDF instructions including all ten steps, photos and diagrams
  6. Tips for creating a perfectly smooth vibrational surface
  7. Bonus video shows how to capture your cymatics images on video

Why It's Just $27

Here’s something not everyone knows...I have a mission beyond making art with cymatics in my own studio myself (as much as I love to do that :-)

That mission is to spread the word about cymatics in every possible way that I can, and to bring this hidden phenomenon into the spotlight, so that the cymatic advances in science can move forward at ten times the pace they are today. I dream of seeing cymatics taught in our schools one day right along with math and biology...

I have a dream that one day you’ll be able to walk up to any kid on the street and ask them what “cymatics” is, and they will be able to tell you without blinking an eye.

That’s why I started the Journal of Cymatics and the School of Cymatics, even though I’m actually kind of a shy person and would really rather be just this “solitary artist” making work quietly in my studio everyday...

And that’s why I’m keeping this course as affordable as possible (and still be able to cover my time and expense). So that anyone who really wants to can easily build their own cymatics device and start experimenting...usually in less than a day!

My "Cymatics Image In 5 Minutes" Guarantee

If you follow the instructions in the video and on the PDF and can’t make your first beautiful image on your cymatic voicebox in 5 minutes or less, you’ll have 2 options on what to do next:

1. You can write me at the Journal of Cymatics here and I will personally answer any question you have, until you can use your cymatic voicebox to make beautiful images. Or...

2. You can simply request a refund of the course anytime within 60 days of ordering and you will get every penny back, no questions asked.

Now, I realize that is an amazing guarantee, and I would never be able to make a guarantee like that unless I was 100% confident that my instructions will work for anyone who follows them step-by-step. However, I am 100% confident, because I made the first one myself!

YES! Give Me Instant Access
To My “How To Make A Voicebox”
Step-By-Step Video Course
Today With No Delay!

Your Price For The Complete “Cymatic Voicebox”
10-Step Video Course Today:
$67 $47 

Today Only $27

Add To Cart Now $27


You should feel great about yourself. Why? Because, by ordering a completely downloadable, 100% digital product, you are saving tons of unneeded waste that would be otherwise be created by DVD production, packaging, wrapping, and shipping fuel that ends up in the oceans and air of our beautiful planet.

                                     Thank you for making a clean & intelligent purchase today!

WARNING: Don’t Make My Mistake

When I was 15 years old I learned how to build things in the shop with my Dad. I learned how to drill a straight hole, how to construct a 3-D object from floor to roof and how to saw a board by hand. So I thought that it would be pretty straightforward to makemy own cymatics devices from scratch, right? Wrong!

You see, building it wasn’t a problem (given my carpentry skills) was the element of sound that I hadn’t accounted for. Back then, I really didn’t know anything about the laws of acoustics or how sound waves really work...and that’s exactly where I got stuck for 3 months! However...

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have had access to the most brilliant minds working in the field of cymatics today, and the people I have called up to ask advice from have been amazingly generous with helping me solve all the technical problems that came up...

Everyone from a master machinist in a cymatics scientist in the the “sound guys” who have a studio above mine (and helped me figure out why my mic wasn’t working - thanks guys!)...

Anyway, this is all just to say:

Don’t make my mistake. If you’re really excited to start making your own cymatics designs today, you’ll want to take the easier route than I did and use these instructions so you can get clear, complex designs the first time around.

Click here to get started in the next 3 minutes

P.S. Remember, this cymatics device will allow you to try playing any kind of sound you want to - anything that can be plugged in electronically. That includes any sound you have recorded or streaming on your computer, any sound you can make through a mic, and any kind of instrument you can hook up to it.  And the easy-to-follow instructions 100% guaranteed so you can't possibly lose a dime by trying it out!  :-)

Click here to get started in the next 3 minutes

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